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Digital Marketing

New Orleans Resort

Challenge: To launch a new urban resort during COVID, this integrated marketing program spanned over a year of Awareness, Informational, Excitement, Engagement, and Conversion phases with paid and organic efforts across Web, Email, Paid, Search, PR, Influencer, Social, Video, Event, Photography, Blog and Check-In Collateral tactics. 

Highlights: a 7-day social media contest culminating on Fat Tuesday, Q&A interviews, local influencers, a behind-the-scenes look at the one-of-a-kind lobby mural installation, and a week-long blitz of blog, social, a digital takeover, video content, & Beignet blog/video companion assets. 

Results: National news coverage including a clip in Forbes, record-breaking advance resort bookings, best-in-company-history performance for email, blog, social and video content, 2022 ARDA Award for Digital Video of the Year and for Best Integrated Marketing Campaign of the Year. 

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Engagement Campaign

Walt Disney World Resort

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Challenge: To drive excitement and intent to visit Mine Train, the final ride (and crown jewel) of New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, the "Miner's Wanted" campaign recruited fans to join the Seven Dwarfs crew.

Highlights: As Integrated Communications Program champion for the new rollercoaster, I led the brainstorming and subsequent planning, cross-departmental synergies, and digital productions for "Miner's Wanted" across web, mobile, social, video and blogs, along with the "8th Miner Contest" sub-campaign and March Madness-inspired character game on social media. With 8 dwarf-inspired prompts, Disney lovers competed with custom photo and video entries to become the 8th Miner of the Heigh-Ho gang (and to win a trip to Disney World.) 

Results: This cohesive multi-platform campaign led to record-breaking attendance, Good Morning America coverage of Grumpy / Grumpy Cat content, hundreds of thousands of entries (and impressions) online, and multiple ADDY Awards. 

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Brand Campaign

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Join the Well Vacationed

Challenge: After 40 years with just a Member login website and no brand identity, Holiday Inn Club Vacations needed a defined and unified look, feel, style and voice. Knowing that timeshares are becoming outdated, and are riddled with bad reputations, the Join the Well Vacationed platform was built using real insights, real families on real vacations and a human, conversational tone. 

Results: With TV, YouTube, Paid Digital & Social Media ads, Web, and Print, Join the Well Vacationed drove double-digit growth in both overall awareness among target audiences and overall purchase consideration among core prospects. 

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New Lead Welcome Emails

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New, SEO-Centric Brand Boilerplate Copy

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Traditional Advertising

Coke Zero

Challenge: Deliver the key message that Coke Zero has the same great Coke taste...without the calories or sugar...and WITHOUT being confused for or likened to Diet Coke. With young males as the key target demographic, the creative was dark, bold, funny and in no way shape or form "diet-y."

Highlights: Enter the Coke vs Coke Zero campaign, a lawsuit for "taste infringement." We hired two actors to play Coke brand managers, who went on hidden camera with real attorneys to try and recruit them to support their (ridiculous) lawsuit via a 360 integrated campaign. In addition, we launched an intentionally low-budget sub-campaign featuring a lawyer "shark" recruiting class-action lawsuit "victims of taste confusion" with bus station OOH, paid social, and local radio buys. The law firm name? Covet & Yourminey (aka, "covet your money"), with a real working phone number and outbound audio.

Results: After launch, Coke Zero reached a 1.3% market share, which equates to approximately 22 million cases beyond business projections. It was the only new consumer products good to retain a share greater than 1% of the 350 brands launched in the 5 years prior (per Nielsen Scanning Channels). As the most blogged-about package-goods launch of the year (also per Nielsen), Coke Zero was mentioned at 100 times the rate of the category average. 

Mean Troy Coca-Cola Zero Super Bowl TV Spot

Inspired the classic 1979 Coke commercial starring Mean Joe Greene, our take featured the infamously surly NFL Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. Following this Coke Zero Super Bowl spot and paid digital companion campaign, unaided product awareness more than doubled, reaching an all-time high of 97% among the core target audience. 

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