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Don't know where to start? Start here to roadmap your Who, What, Where, How & Why. It'll be #easypeasy. Promise. 

Service Examples:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Content Marketing Strategy 

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Multimedia Strategy

  • Influencer Relations Strategy  

  • Branding & Positioning

3 Bite-Sized Skill Highlights:

  1. Digital Strategy for launching brand-new Holiday Inn Club New Orleans Resort included synchronized videos, social content, web, email, blogs, sweepstakes, paid media, PR, influencers, & a digital channel takeover which all led to brand's highest-ever monthly social engagements, national press coverage, and 2022 ARDA award.

  2. CMR Email Loyalty Strategy for Ruby Tuesday included acquisition, programmatic, digital offer tracking, consumer journeys, new product innovation, digital offer tracking, and cadence action plan which resulted in gaining over 800K net new subscribers and a 150% increase in web traffic in first year of activation. 

  3. Tweens Content Plan for Disney Parks & Resorts intended to influence tweenagers to ask their parents to go on a Walt Disney World Resort vacation and included launching a new brand, voice, look, feel and "always on" content creation for Instagram and YouTube. Daily IG and 2x a week original video programming led to 8% visitation increase in first year.


Mary Nice
President, Mary Nice Consulting 
worked with Jennifer: as director peers at Disney Parks & resorts 


"Jennifer is a marketing swiss army knife, able to adapt to various challenges. Her creativity comes alive when given a strategic challenge that she can ideate and execute upon. From finding the perfect influencer to carry a critical campaign to the flawless production of a complex video shoot and subsequent rollout, Jennifer has the rare combination of a keen creative eye, an open spirit, and a strategic mind."

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